Manufacturing, trading Aqua Water Heaters (gas, png), valves, Electric Watere Heaters and other spare parts also. Suncrest manufacturers trading of aqua Water Hetaers for more than 5 years is a market leader and poineer in the Water Heater industry. Aqua is one of the leading brands of water heaters in India and stands for Quality Reliability and Performance.


  • Advanced heat exchanger technology to maximize heate efficiencyand complete combustion

  • Simple system of temprature control by regulating the water flow

  • 3-Way temprature control for both summer and winter; wide range of termprature possible.

  • Hand shower set included.

  • Provision of duct to exhaust flue gases

  • Power coated outer body, copper heat exchanger and stainless steel burners

  • Designed to work event at very low water pressure (<3 gt water head-JSD 12-60 model)

Safety Features

  • Automatic gas regulation: The gas valve is turned on and off automatically with the flow of water

  • Gas flow and flame are switched on/off only when the tap is opened/closed

  • No Pilot flame. Advanced electronic pulse ignition prevents wastage of gas

  • IC sensor to shutdown gas flow in case of flame failure

  • 20 Minutes timer shuts off gas if unit is left on accidentlly


  • Rated heat:- output 12KW

  • Hot water flow rate @ 250C:-6L/min2 nos, dry batteries

  • Gas type and pressure;- LPG 2800 Pa & natural gas 2000 Pa

  • Water Pressure:- Min 0.1 kg/Cm2 1.4(psi) & Max 5.1 kg/Cm2 (73 psi)

  • Ignition:- Water controlled automatic ignition

  • Safety devices:- Over heating protection, flame out protection, 20 minute timer protection, pressure release valve, anti-freeze protection and no water protection


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